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Progress MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer
Person-to-person File Transfer to Address Employees’ Risky Personal File Sharing Behavior

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MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer gives end-users a secure and regulatory-compliant way, using their browser or Outlook, to quickly send messages and files of any size to other people in a way that is visible and managed by IT.

Each and every day, billions of files are shared as employees send critical information to other people around the globe as part of their daily work. Email is the most popular tool for this collaboration, but unfortunately email solutions only allow companies to enforce a limited amount of procedures, such as encryption and file attachment policies. As a result, most organizations haven’t done as much as they can to make file-sharing processes as fast, easy, and secure as possible, making file sharing a real risk… and a real opportunity for improvement.

Now organizations can enforce consistent policies and processes around person-to-person file transfers – attachment offloading, secure messaging, eDiscovery, and more – with MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer.

Securely and quickly send encrypted files and messages of any size to other people using your browser or Microsoft Outlook. MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer not only gives companies unparalleled governance, but it also allows end users to share information with anyone, in a fast, easy, secure, visible, and well-managed way. With this enterprise-strength MFT solution, IT can address broadscale, risky personal file sharing practices while meeting employees’ requirements for ease of use.

MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer enables organizations to manage person-to person file transfer interactions and proactively apply transparent end-to-end FIPS validated encryption, attachment offloading, secure messaging, and access control and single sign-on authentication. It also provides reactive management technologies to help companies fully audit and report on all of these transactions.

The shared mailbox feature enables multiple users and groups to view and manage packages from a single mailbox. Using this feature client services teams can process packages from a common queue of documents. Or any employee can delegate mailbox access during a temporary absence. Gain additional productivity with the shared mailbox capability.


External users can self-register with no IT intervention required, and get up and running quickly

Customizable Text and Graphics
Allows for branding of the Outlook plug-in and the web browser interface to create a custom look and feel for users

Quick Access with Web Browsers
Simply log on to the Ad Hoc Transfer webpage, define what files to send and whom to send them to, and click send

Microsoft Outlook Support
Seamlessly integrate with your company’s business tools as users send files from a familiar email application


Benefits For File Senders

Quickly and Securely Send Files and Messages to Other People

Now there’s a better option than insecure email, instant messenger, third-party software, thumb drives, or unsanctioned file transfer websites. Not only are these tools outside of the organization’s control and often insecure, but they are also becoming increasingly restricted as companies seek to improve governance, visibility, and security of company information.

With MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer, authorized MOVEit users can securely transfer files or folders of files of any size and send secure messages to anyone in the world using either a Web browser or Microsoft Outlook. Users can send a package of files along with an optional secure message to an unlimited number of recipients – even those who are not MOVEit users. Receivers that are not currently configured can be optionally and automatically added to the system based on IT requirements for user expiration, password length, complexity and delivery requirements with no IT involvement. If configured, senders can easily customize security controls by creating recipient passwords as well as file expiration and download limits. Senders can also “recall” files after they have been sent so they are no longer available for download.

Benefits For File Recipients

Fast Notification and Simple Retrieval of Files

Recipients are sent an email notification the instant a MOVEit user sends them a file or a secure message. The email notification includes an embedded link to securely download the file or files, an optional note from the sender, and password requirements. This email message can be viewed in any email client or Webmail application, and the recipient only has to click the embedded link to access the files. Recipients can also securely send files of any size back to the original sender.

File recipients can retrieve files from their preferred Web browser – including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari for OSX, or Chrome – without the need to install any plug-ins or additional third-party software. Recipients don’t even need to be a MOVEit user to be able to receive the file packages.

Benefits For IT

End-to-end Encryption, Attachment Offloading and Secure Messaging

By providing employees with an easy way to securely send files and secure messages to other people, MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer reduces employees’ reliance on insecure email and third-party file transfer software and websites, not to mention thumb drives and DVDs since there are no file size limits.

This solution gives IT the visibility and control it needs to give the entire organization the data protection it requires. Additionally, Ad Hoc Transfer frees IT departments from the administrative burden related to provisioning users on the file transfer server, improves overall file transfer governance, and streamlines visibility, logging, and reporting of all file transfers for compliance and auditing purposes. With tamper-evident logging and complete package archiving, administrators can access and archive all transferred data including sender, receiver, read status, message and all attached files.

Ad Hoc Transfer is also extremely easy to set up and maintain. IT administrators can easily configure transfer settings and policies, including sender quotas, file-size limitations for attachments (if desired) and ad hoc transfers, file-delivery notifications, password policies, embedded link-naming conventions, and file time-to-live expiration rules. Single sign-on and central management of user authentication is available via SAML 2.0 integration to Identity Provider Systems, such as Microsoft ADFS, Shibboleth and Onelogin.

Administrators can automate the remote installation of the Outlook plug-in and ActiveX browser wizard on end-user computers with the MSI installation package, using Active Directory Group Policy. The Ad Hoc Transfer module also removes the file attachment burden on the organization’s email server and no software need be installed on the email server. This avoids bounced emails due to large file attachments and clogging recipients’ inboxes with large files, thus improving the organization’s server performance.

With all of this in place, there is virtually no ongoing administration or user management required to support day-to-day ad hoc file sharing, and that makes IT very happy – and more productive.

Email Offloading
Remove the file attachment burden from the email server

Central Management
Manage user authentication via SAML 2.0 integration to Identity provider system, AD/LDAP integration, or natively in MOVEit

Increase Control
Enforce administrator-defined policies and rules for sending files, including email offloading, secure messaging, email encryption, data retention, and more

Security Policy Enhancements
Identify all users and file transfers in logs to facilitate audit trails and keep the data for eDiscovery purposes going forward

Improve Visibility
Provides auditability of all file sharing activities

Zero User Administration
No ongoing end-user management or provisioning required

Remote Installation
Outlook plug-in and browser plug-in can be remotely deployed on end-user machines


Download the Progress MOVEit Ad Hoc Transfer Datasheet (PDF)

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