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WhatsUp Gold Technology

Usability & Administration

Access to real-time network, application and system data is critical to network management. But if you can’t find the information you need to troubleshoot a problem, or you simply have so much data its impossible to wade through it, access becomes irrelevant. As important as the data itself, is an intuitive, actionable interface that enables you to manage your network efficiently and with real results. WhatsUp Gold’s flexible Web and Windows consoles, provide the 360° visibility and complete control you need to make not only fast decisions, but better ones. Since 1991, we’ve set the standard for intuitive and flexible user interfaces - by building robust, easy to deploy and hassle free network management solutions deployed in over 100,000 networks around the world.

WhatsUp Gold is Network Operations Central

By enabling flexible data organization in a NOC-based view, WhatsUp Gold presents a clear and concise picture of the network, server, and application infrastructure, for the SMB or the distributed enterprise network. Your monitoring, reporting, and alerting display is completely customizable using the WhatsUp Gold Workspace and dashboard elements. In a matter of minutes, you can configure exactly what’s displayed and how it’s organized to support all of your network management activities.

A Simple and Elegant User Interface

Whether via Web portal or Windows console, WhatsUp Gold provides simple navigation and rapid access to critical management data from anywhere and at any time. With the WhatsUp Gold management consoles you have:

Built-in Localization

WhatsUp Gold is designed to let you quickly adapt dialogs, workspaces and dashboards to meet localization requirements.