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WhatsUp Gold Technology


Robust and Scalable Architecture in a Product Family that Supports Long-term Network Growth.

You are ready to buy a network management tool, but maybe you’re a little unsure how well it will grow with you tomorrow and far in the future. You worry because migrating from one tools platform to another is complex and cumbersome. It obsoletes established learning, reporting and troubleshooting processes and you once again have to start from scratch. And you know if you had to migrate management platforms every few years, you’ll also be playing catch up.
The solution? Put aside your worries and invest in WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold: Tried, Tested and Proven Architecture

With a core architecture that is fully extensible and a scalable framework that provides a rich feature set, WhatsUp Gold enables both SMB and Enterprises to do predictive management and monitoring of critical IT infrastructures, right out-of-the-box. The WhatsUp Gold framework leverages a common set of key services including the management user interface, reporting, database, polling engine, and protocol support across the entire product family.

With WhatsUp Gold you get:

Scalable Product Family

As your network grows in size or complexity, WhatsUp Gold provides a seamless and transparent migration path to support your needs at the lowest possible TCO (total cost of ownership). You won’t need to install, configure and learn a new product as your network outgrows your existing tools. From single to multi-site networks, and from network to application management, WhatsUp Gold provides the same consistent and intuitive interface, management structure and reporting.

Extensible Plug-in Architecture

Some network managers use a number of different products with separate management consoles to manage and monitor distinct aspects of their infrastructure. All these independent, point-products can make it cumbersome to identify and resolve problems quickly, particularly if they don’t share management information and insight. WhatsUp Gold addresses this problem through its integrated plug-in technology. The plug-ins augment the core WhatsUp Gold platform with deeper insight into management information in areas not covered by the core platform services – including application flow monitoring, Layer 2 discovery and mapping and VoIP-based communication. They seamlessly extend both the problem identification and the troubleshooting capability of WhatsUp Gold. Together they present a consolidated view enabling 360 degree visibility, actionable intelligence and complete control over your network and IT infrastructure.