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Network Management

Know Your Network with WhatsUp Gold.

We’ve all been there before. Even on the best-designed networks, problems can occur anywhere and at anytime. Unanticipated traffic spikes can overload an interface. Routers and switches can slow down. For no apparent reason and in a matter of minutes, the network you’re responsible for can grind to a halt. Now your entire company is relying on you to save the day. Some might say it’s an even tougher job trying to find and resolve the problem with all eyes on you.

When your network is not dependable, it hurts everywhere - the business operations, the company’s bottom line,  your reputation, and the IT team’s morale. What’s even worse is the frustration. When you actually find out what went wrong, you know how easily it could have been prevented with a network management tool like WhatsUp Gold.

It’s time to stop spinning your wheels and troubleshooting your network without complete visibility. It’s time to know your network with WhatsUp Gold.

WhatsUp Gold: Tried, Tested, and Proven

WhatsUp Gold is simply the most intuitive, comprehensive, and cost effective network management toolset available today. Our network management solution is tried, tested, and proven on networks just like yours – over 100,000 of them. With an investment in WhatsUp Gold, you won’t be gambling your budget or reputation on an uncertain solution that requires lots of time and effort to operate and maintain. You’ll be teaming up with a company that’s been building robust, easy to deploy and hassle free network management solutions for nearly 20 years.

With WhatsUp Gold anchoring your IT team, you’ll be able to:

Intelligent and Easy to Use

With WhatsUp Gold’s intelligent management platform, you’ll have complete visibility into your entire network infrastructure with minimal care and feeding. If a problem occurs, WhatsUpGold quickly informs you if network resources are being taxed beyond their intended use, enabling you to proactively respond and correct the situation before any service is disrupted. Using the latest standards in network management protocols (including SNMP V3), WhatsUp Gold makes your job easy – by ensuring your infrastructure is running and performing at the desired level of service. 

Critical MonitorsSophisticated Network Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold doesn’t rely on just the basics for managing your network. Instead, a sophisticated strategy of both active and passive monitoring mechanisms is used to track the status and health of network devices. For example, periodic active monitors like ping or polling an SNMP MIB can provide availability and performance characteristics. Enhancing that data, WhatsUp Gold can preemptively alert you to changes in network by listen for SNMP traps and syslog messages from the devices which comprise your infrastructure.

Going Beyond Availability

WhatsUp Gold performance monitoring extends your network visibility beyond simple up-down availability. Performance metrics like CPU, memory and interface utilization provides deeper insight into the health of the device over time. Additional information from the Flow Monitor plug-in enables you to easily identify the actual causes of network traffic congestion, whether internal or external.  Data collected by the Flow Monitor plug-in can even thwart malicious access to company infrastructure.  

Comprehensive Troubleshooting

WhatsUp Gold’s network, system, and application monitoring capabilities provide context-based visibility into performance problems, enhancing your triage skills and enabling you minimize the time spent on problem resolution. For example, with a quick glance you can see which services and applications are impacted if the device goes down. With this information in hand, you can quickly prioritize trouble tickets and deal with the most business critical problems first.

WorkspaceTypical Problem Solving Scenarios

The WhatsUp Gold enables you to rapidly identify and resolve infrastructure performance problems. With WhatsUp Gold, you can: