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Archiving Solutions for IMail Server

Email is the primary communication system and file transport mechanism used in organizations of all sizes. Email systems generate enormous amounts of content that must be preserved. Because a growing proportion of most organizations’ business records are stored in email, email messages are increasingly subject to discovery orders during legal proceedings. To solve this problem, messaging archival systems are ideally suited to preserving content in support of all of regulatory compliance and storage maintenance requirements.

A properly configured messaging archiving system can alleviate the significant burden of managing growth in email storage and retrieval. We offer two archival solutions: MailArchiva and Sonian Hosted Archival Systems. MailArchiva is an installed email archiving system for companies of all sizes. It works in conjunction with IMail Server to archive all incoming, outgoing and internal emails. Sonian provides an affordable, scalable, reliable and secure hosted email archiving service for organizations of all sizes.